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Method of work

The management of Al Awrad Companies continuously works on the enhancement of the working procedures. These procedures include:

  1. The right scientific way of enlightenment and promotion:

    Where the company’s management believes in the scientific and cognitive investment, hence the emergence of the focus on the significance of education and development, starting from oneself through intensifying the scientific courses for the company’s employees - among whom there are engineers and technicians - inside and outside the country in cooperation with Arabian and foreign companies we are dealing with.   

    The sophisticated scientific lectures (conducted by specialized professors from the faculty of agriculture and the research centers) are nowadays considered a stable proven approach for the company. We combine the practical experience of our engineers who are spread over the fields with the latest agricultural technologies which we are introduced to through the regularly-attended lectures. This provides the Iraqi farmer with a cornerstone in the process of productivity development. We have offered to give our farmers lectures conducted by our employees in the company’s premises. A special hall was arranged for this purpose and equipped with the latest presenting systems. We have also celebrated the occasion of “the Field Day” in the presence of a large number of farmers, specialists, researchers, and employees from the different governmental departments which took place successively:

    1. Potato Field Day in Nahar Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) that is held annually in Abu Ghreib since 2005.
    2.  Vegetables Field day in Nada Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) that is held annually in Kerbela since 2007.
    3.  Potato Field Day in Nahar Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) – Nokan farm, Salmaniyeh, 2008.
    4. Vegetables Field Day in Nahar Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) – Abu Ghreib, 2008.
    5. Potato Field Day in Nahar Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) – Nara farm, Al Salmaniyeh, 2009.
    6. Potato Field Day in Nahar Al Awrad guinea pig (test field) – Abu Ghreib, 2009. It was held under the patronage of the minister of agriculture and was inaugurated by Dr. Faisal Rasheed, the consultant of the minister of agriculture, on behalf of the honorable minister. He in turn praised the effort exerted by the company in order to improve the agriculture in the country, and urged those responsible for information and guidance in the ministry to follow up the company’s efforts in the agricultural enlightenment and improvement.
    7. The company takes a number of farmers and State employees outside Iraq on annual basis to participate in Field Days held by seed production companies, in order to be in the lookout for the recent developments of new technologies in the field of seed production. The latest event involved taking over 300 farmers and State departments’ employees to a Field Day held by the Irish company “IPM” for seeds potato production in one of its fields in Lebanon. 
  2. Ideal scientific storage:

    Storage and circulation are of great importance in the success of the merchandise of any company, especially in the agricultural sector companies where companies take intensive care of the storage of the materials they use.
    The company currently owns many large cooled warehouses for seeds which guarantee the preservation of the seeds within the internationally recommended degree of temperature for seed storage.

    Liquid fertilizers and herbicide are stored in cooled warehouses that ensure the quality standards of the material. It is worth mentioning that our company is among few others in Iraq that stores such quantities in cooled warehouses.

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