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Group Companies

Alawrad Company for Agricultural Materials LLC.
This company was founded in 1995 based in Baghdad working in agricultural trade field and the execution of agricultural projects.. The company has branched out to the following companies:

  1. Nada Alawrad Company for Agricultural Supplies Trade LLC.
  2.  based in Baghdad working in importing and distributing of agricultural commodities. It has a branch in Karbala governorate (2006)

  3. Sama Al award for General Trading LLC.
  4. This company was founded in (2006), based in Amman which works to secure all the requirement of the group`s companies in different agricultural commodities.

  5. Nahar Alawrad for Potato Seed Trading LLC.
  6. This company was founded in 2008 and based in Baghdad and engaged in importing and distribution of seed potatoes in Iraq. It is the exclusive distributor For many global companies. It is the lead company in trade of potato seed in Iraq in terms of introducing of new potato high productive varieties, virus resistance, and disseminated to farmers.

    4. Beirut Arbil Company for Potato Products

    Established in 2014, this company is specialized in producing potato chips with natural Iraqi flavor.

    Have a significant role in supporting potato farmers in Iraq by receiving surplus potato crops.

    5. Shorouk Al Nahar Agricultural Supplies Trading Co. Ltd.
    An Iraqi agricultural company established in 2008, based in Baghdad, Abu Ghraib district, is interested in the vocabulary of work. It has a large role in the registration and export of the above crop varieties with the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Commission for the registration and certification of agricultural varieties.
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